A production house with
a heart and a very large appetite

Maska Pav was conceptualised over several rounds of the same in a quaint, neighbourhood Irani Cafe. The influence is thus quite evident. Just like the place, we believe ideas fester in open, friendly environments. So step in and stretch out; the maska pav is on us.

Our Philosophy

What separates good work from great? What really burns the midnight oil? What makes the size of the fight in the dog bigger than the size of the dog in the fight? It's hunger. It's what we have. It's what we celebrate.

Chest bump the team

A group of over-energetic, madly passionate and super hungry people form the team at Maska Pav. A mix of mavericks from production and creative, these guys could build a bridge to Mars if it excites them, or over a bet.

Say hello to Kirk Peter

Loves food, films and all things vintage. Kirk started out as a production assistant and rose to be the Head of Commercials and Production at Channel V. His 20 years of experience in production, ads and television also include stints at UTV and Crest Communication. He believes great things happen when Irani Chai and Maska Pav come together, hence, no points for guessing what he decided to name his own set up.